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ZUZ is flexible and can be customized to accommodate specific needs of a community.

How communities can Adopt ZUZ

Using ZUZ in your community offers any local organization a tool to infuse capital that stays local. The ZUZ solution can be used as the platform for an existing community currency program, or ZUZ can be used to launch a new program, jumpstarting a network that increases local business activity.

Social Service Grants

A town issues Muni-ZUZ to residents in need (e.g., for a guaranteed income program or other social service grants). The grantees get spending power for needed goods and merchants get increased business. Merchants choose to accept Muni-ZUZ because they can redeem any Muni-ZUZ they accept with the town. By accepting Muni-ZUZ they are helping out members of their community, and they get new business. The town will allow Muni-ZUZ to be used instead of cash for any city fees, taxes, etc. The town benefits since no cost is incurred until the Muni-ZUZ are used for payments. Everyone wins because citizens get needed assistance while stimulating economic activity that strengthens the community.

How to adopt ZUZ in your community

The ZUZ team works with community leaders to understand local priorities and helps leaders determine the best way to deploy ZUZ in their communities.

The ZUZ Platform

A two-sided platform integrating lending and payment in your community

Harness relationships with a public ledger and encourage money to stay local.

Seriously Powerful.

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There is no charge to issue ZUZ. A small (1%) fee is applied on transactions, much less than other credit options.
ZUZ are very flexible. Interest is one of the parameters that can be set by an issuer. If the issuer elects this feature their ZUZ will bear interest.

The risk is the same as when one buys a gift card from a merchant.  In the unusual case that the merchant goes under, the customer’s investment is at risk. The transparency of ledger data provides ZUZ buyers with information that is not typically available with traditional gift cards. And, a number of merchants accepting a ZUZ mitigates risk, as it spreads across the network. 

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, each type of ZUZ is backed by its issuer. They do NOT fluctate in price.  All your ZUZ are stored in your ZUZ wallet and can be used to directly purchase goods and services from anyone who accepts them.

An issuer determines how they want to configure their ZUZ for redemption for goods and services and/or US Dollars.
Yes. ZUZ can be used on the web or with a phone. ZUZ allows merchants to generate QR codes for payment. The consumers will need to scan the QR code displayed by the merchant with their smartphones to make payments. In the long term, the ZUZ payment method will be integrated into the traditional POS (Point of Sale) system.
ZUZ goes beyond existing crowdfunding sites (like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Patreon, or Indiegogo) and microlending platforms (like Kiva or LendingClub) as it integrates local lending and spending enabling the invested capital to circulate locally with reduced cost.
ZUZ provides the convenience of cashless payment while it keeps the money circulating within the community.

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